Hey Everyone,

Time for our weekly update! This one will be shorter than last week’s novel. For the past five or six weeks now we’ve rolled out a new caliber each week. This week is no exception…

Defensive Rounds!

New to the lineup starting today are the following (click on the pic to be taken to the caliber):

40 S&W Self Defense Grade:
180gr Remington Ultimate Defense

This is based on the Golden Saber Bullet so it is a tried and true self-defense round. Lucky Gunner did a pretty cool ballistic gelatin test of this round and it was on the top of the list for expansion. The price per round is $0.71 so a $5 subscription buys 7 rounds for your carry gun.

Next up is 38 Special +P…


38 Special Self Defense Grade
130gr Winchester Supreme Elite PDX1 Defender

That’s a mouthful and sounds a little bit like something you would order at Taco Bell. This round was tested by the FBI and showed good expansion and low flash even from a short-barreled revolver. We’re offering it for $1 per round so $5 buys 5 rounds – which is actually exactly what a compact revolver (LCR, SP101, J-Frame) holds! Nice.
Last but not least is a defense round that many folks have asked about:

380 Self Defense Grade
90gr Hornady Critical Defense

Do you have one of those new Glock 42’s and need something to feed it? Or maybe you are an old school with a Kel-Tec P3AT (Dan used to have one and loved it!). 380 Auto has come a long way and Hornady had some good ammunition with their Critical Defense and Critical Duty lines. (Spoiler Alert: we’ll be rolling out some Critical Duty in 357 Sig in a few weeks). This 380 Auto also showed good results in ballistic gelatin and won’t break the bank at $0.71 a round ($5 buys 7 rounds same as the 40 S&W above).

Other News and Announcements

If you haven’t seen it yet we got a review on The Daily Shooter Youtube Channel. If you have 4 minutes it is worth the watch.

We also had a review on Double Feed Blog a couple of weeks ago that is worth checking out.

Last little bit of news…

If you made this far you are a hardcore reader so you get the first teaser announcement:

We’re going to be upgrading our software and website over the next few months. We have had such a tremendous response from customers that we are literally scrambling behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly for everyone.

We are working off of an ad-hoc eCommerce platform that has many flaws and isn’t as flexible as we would like, so we are starting the process of looking at upgrading to some custom software.

The problem, of course, is this takes money – lots of it. So instead of going to the bank or selling off part of the company to investors, we are planning on taking a crowdfunding approach that will offer a variety of benefits that we think you will love (think massive discounts on your ammo…).

That’s all we can say right now so stay tuned for more info…

Take care!

Dan, Danielle and the Ammo² Team