Crazy talk. That’s how we feel about all of the media buzz about gun control in light of the terror shooting at a Florida night club today. We know as gun owners that more gun regulation won’t stop these kinds of terrorist actions – they will only encourage them. If someone wants to cause harm they don’t need a gun. They just need motive and creativity. If not a gun then it will be a bomb or a virus or something else… If anything, it makes it more clear to us that an armed citizen is still the best defense against both everyday criminals and terrorists. Hopefully, it makes more people wake up and realize the need to be constantly vigilant and armed when engaged in our day-to-day life…because you just never know where terror will strike next.

Sorry, we’ll get off the soapbox now. We know we’re preaching to the choir. We do try hard to avoid discussions around politics because it can just spiral out of control, and our business is helping the sheepdogs have enough ammo available so they can take care of business when called on…

Now on to our regularly scheduled weekly update…

New Ammunition Options!

We finally added Hunting Ammo! After a brief detour into more self-defense ammunition, we finally made good on our promise to include dedicated rifle hunting rounds to your subscription options.

Hunting Options

308 Winchester (150gr Soft Point and 168gr BTHP Match)
30-06 Springfield (150gr and 180gr Soft Points)
30-30 Winchester (150gr Soft Point)

All of these hunting rounds are priced between 83.3 cents and $1.25 depending on the caliber and bullet weight you’ll pick up between 4 or 6 rounds for each $5 subscription.

9mm Value Grade Option

We also added some good old fashion cheap 9mm for plinking!
115gr Blazer Aluminum Cased @ 18.5 cents each ($5 = 27 rounds)

Specialty Ammunition

Finally, we also have something completely different for everyone… Frangible Ammo from Team Never Quit! This ammunition is backed by former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell from “Lone Survivor” fame and was designed as a safe way to train on steel targets at close range.

We’re rolling this out as an opportunity for people to try something new. While you might not have otherwise purchased an entire box, you can buy just a handful of rounds to test out… we’re carrying the following calibers:
45 ACP – 155gr Frangible Lead Free @ 71.4 cents each ($5 = 7 rounds)
9mm – 100gr Frangible Lead Free @ 62.5 cents each ($5 = 8 rounds)
223 Remington – 45gr Frangible @ 55.6 cents each ($5 = 9 rounds)

If you have any concern about metal ricochet this is the ammo to check out. We were pretty impressed watching some of these videos…

Try doing this with regular FMJ pistol ammo!

Marcus Luttrell discusses TNQ and the benefits of frangible ammo for training.

Misc. Updates…

If you have experienced the dreaded “503” error when visiting our site, you will be happy to know that we’ve changed hosts and those should be a thing of the past!

As we mentioned in the past updates, we’re starting the process of putting up a crowdfunding “minisite” to get the ball rolling on our new software project. Keep an eye out for a special email announcing that site and project.

Father’s Day is near and if you want a way to give your Pop, Grandpappy or Husband the gift that keeps giving every month… shoot us an email and we can hook you up with a special custom Gift Card Coupon Code customized to your needs. We don’t have fancy metal tins to put them in though… maybe next year.