Happy Fathers Day!
The family that shoots together stays together. Celebrate this Father’s Day by taking your Dad, Grandad, or (if you are a father) your Kids out shooting today.
Share a tradition that will last decades…

We’ve got some important updates to share with everyone…

New Shipping Schedule:

In the past (when we were smaller) we were able to get boxes out the door within a few days of payment hitting. Now that we’ve grown (literally adding hundreds of new customers per month over the past three months) we need a better system…

We’ve come up with the following schedule and wanted to make sure it was clearly communicated:

1st Week of the Month:
Payment Charged (typically on the 1st)
Inventory Allocated – in the system and across our warehouse within 2-3 working days of payment hitting.

You will get a notice that your payment has gone through (or failed if your card isn’t up to date). You will then get a notice that your inventory has been updated in your account and you can log in to view it anytime via our customer portal at MyAccount.

2nd Week of the Month:
Boxes Packed Up – once inventory is allocated in the system we can see what triggers have been hit and prep boxes. This takes quite a bit of time.
Shipping Charged – if you have not paid for a prepaid credit we’ll charge your card at this time.
Shipments Sent Out – sometime toward the later half of the week, if you have a shipment going out you’ll get a tracking number from our system.

If you are expecting a box, please first check your subscription to make sure you have added Automatic Delivery , then if you do not get a confirmation by the 15th feel free to reach out to us.

Did You Know: In order to get your box each month or on a regular schedule (every 3 months, 250 rounds, etc.) You need to see Automatic Delivery on your subscription. If you don’t have it listed then you don’t have a trigger and your rounds will be shipped when you request them.

Pricing Update

Due to the recent events and the volatile political landscape, ammunition prices have increased slightly. We were not able to get our usual pricing for this upcoming allocation, so please take note of the updated prices on this list.

Current Prices Download
In order to streamline pricing updates, we have added a new .pdf pricing sheet that is updated in our system as soon as we get new pricing data from our suppliers. If you bookmark this page when you download the document you can see the latest prices that we are allocating our inventory at any time.

In our process, we will allocate the best-priced option first using whatever preferences you have set as a guide.

We strive hard to keep our prices close to what you would pay for bulk pricing and as we grow we are able to improve our pricing with more volume. However, even with volume, there are still market forces that every ammunition retailer needs to weather.

New Calibers!

We decided to fast track our schedule a little bit and bring everything out this week.

270 Winchester  Hunting Grade in Federal 150gr Soft Point Power-Shok priced at 5 rounds for $5 – $1.00 per round $20/box equivalent.

7.62x54R  Value Grade in Wolf 148gr, steel cased, berdan primed, non-corrosive. 9 rounds per $5 – $0.556 per round, $11.12/box equivalent.

Other Additions:

We’ve got some good quality 12 gauge target loads now… perfect for going out and breaking some clays on these clear summer days!

You like ’em small and fast? Then the 357 SIG is for you. We have both Service Grade and Self-Defense Grade available.

If you like to hunt with a semi-auto handgun or use the big 10mm for self-defense, then this Hornady 180gr XTP is a great all-purpose round!