Around here, the 1st week of the month is a fun (though hectic) time.

The reason why is because 98% of our subscribers get allocated their inventory and we start packing up boxes for shipment. There is just generally a lot of activity at AmmoSquared headquarters.

In preparation for the 1st week of the month (which also happens to fall on a holiday weekend). We want to give everyone some suggestions…

Stuff to Know
Our subscriptions generally get charged on the first of the month, since that is Friday the day before a holiday weekend, things may be a little delayed.


Be sure to double-check your subscription to make sure you are happy before Friday the 1st!

Once the 1st rolls around, you get allocated whatever you have listed. You can change anytime during the month, so make sure you have what you need.

We can’t stress this enough – if you want to get your ammo delivered, you need to set up an Auto-Delivery Trigger. (you can always email or call and we’ll ship it, but this saves everyone the hassle). We don’t ship automatically like some other subscription services, you have to tell us when you want your ammo, otherwise, we assume you want us to hold it until you request it.

Our system is bug-free this week and we’ve added A TON of new calibers this month so if you haven’t checked the Automatic Ammunition Page  – don’t miss it. Here is just a partial list:

44 Magnum  Defense Grade
357 Magnum  Defense Grade
357 SIG  Service Grade and Defensive Grade
7.62x54r  Value Grade
30-06  Hunting Grade 150 and 180gr
270 Hunting Grade 150gr
308  Hunting Grade 150gr
308  Match Grade 168gr
10mm  Defensive Grade
45 ACP  Defense Grade 185gr
12 Gauge  Service Grade #8 Target Loads
Frangible offerings in 9mm, 45ACP, and 223.

There are probably a few we’re missing so check out your favorite calibers and add some new stuff soon…



As we mentioned in the past updates, we are offering some amazing “Lifetime Discount Coupons” in order to fund our new software. We’re taking a crowdfunding approach and offering these rewards for supporting us. It works like this:

You can pay $x amount and then get y% off of your ammunition…simple. It is a lifetime discount with no expiration that can be transferred or canceled anytime and applies to your next $3,000 worth of ammunition with us (so for most people a really long time).

Here is what we’re offering:

Level 0 – $25 “Swag” You get a genuine Ammo² T-Shirt and 2 car decals.
Level 1 – $50: You receive 2.5% off of all your ammunition.
Level 2 – $100: You receive 5% off of all your ammunition.
Level 3 – $200: You receive 10% off of all your ammunition.
Level 4 – $500: You receive 25% off of all your ammunition.
Level 5 – $1000: You receive 50% off of all your ammunition!

We’re trying to raise $10,000 initially through the sale of these prepaid discounts. If you are interested in a level that has sold out, just let us know and we’ll add you to the waitlist for upcoming phases as we open them.
If it sounds like something you would be interested in, check it out on our Crowdfund Page. We’ve rolled it out to customers first and there has already been a good response!

Last but not least be sure to check out the latest prices and brands. Download the .pdf of our Current Inventory by clicking the link. We created this list so you can bookmark it and stay current whenever we update our price or brands, it was easier than changing it on every page on our website product pages.