The 1st of the month is a big day for us and our customers. It is when 95% of our 500+ subscribers get ammo allocated to their accounts(the other 5% have requested a different date).

What this means for you:

[If you are already a subscriber]

1 – Log in to MyAccount. Make sure you are happy with your subscription options!
2 – Look at our latest price list (see updates below).
3 – Add a few bucks of something new you want to try out (we added 26 new options this month!)
4 – If you want your ammo shipped make sure you have a Delivery Trigger set up.
5 – Make sure your payment card isn’t expired (this happens to a few people every month).
6 – Sit back and relax because we got your ammo covered! 🙂

[If you are new to AmmoSquared]

1 – Take a look at our price list and caliber selection (we added a ton of new calibers this month)
2 – Decide if you want to try out an Automatic Ammunition Accumulation Program to put your ammunition buying on autopilot (of course you can cancel anytime)
3 – Go for it! (if you don’t have a subscription in by Midnight on the 31st – you need to wait an entire MONTH. Just add a few things to your cart and checkout – you’ll get an account and regular ammunition shipments!

If you haven’t checked it out this month – look at our new price/brand list.. (download in .pdf format).


What’s Changed This Month: (Cliff Notes Version):

We’ll try to cover all the changes we’ve made since our last monthly allocation…
243 Winchester, 303 British, 30 Carbine, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8mm SPC

25 ACP, 32 ACP, 32 H&R Magnum, 45 Long Colt, 5.7x28mm

17 WSM

.410 Bore 


20 Gauge Shotgun (#9 shot & #3 buck)
308 Winchester (match)
9 mm (specialty – subsonic)
38 Special (self-defense 110gr option)
357 Magnum (self-defense 125-140gr option)
300 AAC Blackout (match)
7.62x54r  (service)
.223 Remington  (value)
Brand Changes
Note that when we change brands some customers will get the previous brand and some will get the new brand.

380 Auto (service grade) – from American Eagle to Fiocchi
40 S&W (service grade) – from Winchester USA to Winchester Ranger
40 S&W (self-defense grade) – from Remington Ultimate Defense to Sig Sauer V-Crown
223 Remington (service grade) – from PMC to Wolf Gold
12 Gauge #6 Shot 2 3/4 Shell – from Hevi Shot to Winchester Super-X

Price Changes
We try to keep our prices constant as much as possible given the supply/demand forces. Most months we’ll adjust our prices up or down by a little bit. In AmmoSquared speak that means you’ll get one less or more rounds per $5. Here’s how it shakes out this month:

Price Decreases:
9mm (service grade) – from 21 rounds to 22 rounds per $5 (now 22.7 cents/round)
9mm (value grade) – from 23 rounds to 24 rounds per $5 (now 20.8 cents/round)
380 Auto (service grade) – from 17 rounds to 18 rounds per $5 (now 27.8 cents/round)
12 gauge (hunting grade) – #6 shot from 17 rounds to 18 rounds per $5 (now 27.8 cents/round)

Price Increase:
300 BLK (service grade) – from 9 to 8 rounds per $5 (now 62.5 cents/round)
40 S&W (self defense) – from 7 round to 6 per $5 (now 83.3 cents/round)

Last Important Announcement:

We need to make some changes to how we package up ammunition. In the past, we would literally vacuum seal ONE round if it was part of your inventory…

Like this:

No more single round packages. Anything less than 10 rounds will stay in your account and roll to the next month…

As you can imagine that takes an excessive amount of time. So for this month, any amount of ammo that is under 10 rounds that don’t go with a factor box will simply roll over to the next month. For example, you are getting 58 rounds of 9mm: 50 rounds will go in a box and the other 8 rounds will stay in your account until next time.

[On a side note, we may need to move toward a policy of only shipping full boxes and not partials. Not because of the time it takes to pack, but because of the Department of Transportation and Liability concerns – we are checking with our lawyer right now but will keep everyone posted on changes. ]

That’s it for this update. As always contact us with any questions/concerns or suggestions!

AMMO² Team