If you are like us, this weekend you got bombarded by “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” advertising crap. Sorry if you were waiting for ours: we don’t play that game. (Yes you are getting this just after Thanksgiving but this is actually our usual post ahead of the month-end announcing new calibers and updating everyone on prices…)

Why such a “Bah Humbug!”? Don’t worry, we’re not anti-Christmas (in fact we already have our Christmas tree up!). We’re just anti-nonsense advertising.

The truth is, we hate it when merchants use holidays (Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, 4th of July, God Save the Queen Day, SuperMoon Day, Whatever Day…) to push the product. We believe that if you offer a quality product or service at a reasonable price and back it up with great customer service, people will buy when they find value in what you have and you don’t need to constantly be making up stupid holiday promotions to push your crap…

Sorry Rant Over… “Black Friday” must be a trigger phrase…

New Calibers and Ammo Grade Options:

Now, we’re going to highlight a few of our latest offerings. These are new calibers or new ammo grades that folks have been asking about that we have recently added to our subscription service…

7.62×39 in Service Grade (ie: BRASS case)

Service Grade: $0.57/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($11.39/box)

Also for you 300 AAC Blackout fans out there. We’ve finally added a Subsonic Match Option starting with the very accurate 208gr A-Max Tipped Gorilla round…

300 BLK in Match Grade (Subsonic)

Match Grade: $1.14/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($22.79/box)

We’re offering two different new grades of 30-06: Service Grade (in a soft point that could also be used for hunting in a pinch – we’re on the hunt for some quality FMJ as well) as well as steel-cased Value Grade.

30-06 Springfield in Service Grade

Service Grade: $0.825/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($16.50/box)

30-06 Springfield in Value Grade

Value Grade: $0.685/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($13.70/box)

We can’t forget about all of the shotgunners out there. We know our selection is still a little sparse, but we’re adding to it a little each month. This month we’re adding 3″ 00 Buck in a Hunting Grade….

12 gauge 3″ 00 Buck in Hunting Grade

Service Grade: $1.454/rnd. A full box is 5 rounds ($7.27/box)

Speaking of hunting – we’ve also added a heavier bullet weight to our 30-30 and we’re now offering a 170gr option.

30-30 Winchester 170gr in Hunting Grade

Hunting Grade: $0.792/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($15.84/box)

We’re also adding some variety in our 223 Remington with a soft point for hunting. This is 55gr and we’ll follow up with some lighter bullets for varmit shooters…

**223 Remington 55gr Soft Point in Hunting Grade
Current price is $0.478/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($9.55/box)


Gift Boxes for the HOLIDAYS (Or for any occasion)

One area we’ve had a lot of requests for are gift subscriptions…

Right now the way our software is set up, it is difficult to offer an actual gift subscription (where you pay for someone else each month). Instead, we’re rolling out Gift Boxes this season…

We’re starting off with handgun ammunition in the following popular calibers:

45 ACP

40 S&W

9 mm

38 Special

380 Auto

We’ve set up our gift boxes with a good balance of target ammo (service grade) and defensive ammo. Free shipping is included and so is optional gift wrapping. Prices range from $80 to $105 depending on your caliber.

This is a great way to give the gift of ammunition this year for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. All you need to do is pick out the caliber and tell us where to send it – and we’ll take care of the rest!


If you haven’t yet looked at our updated price list. Be sure to check it out:


As always, be sure to check out our price list and the brands we are filling with by clicking the link above. You’ll also want to make any adjustments to your subscription before the beginning of the month.This month, thanks to the results of the recent election, we’re not seeing widespread price increases and panic in the streets (at least not over 2nd Amendment related issues…) Here is our monthly breakdown of price adjustments:

 (7)     New Calibers or Variations
(75)    No Change From Last Month
(34)    Changed Price (see below)

Price Changes:
(26)    Decreased
(8)     Increased

New (7):
7.62×39 in Service Grade
300 BLK in Match Grade (Subsonic)
30-06 Springfield in Service Grade
30-06 Springfield in Value Grade
12 gauge 3″ 00 Buck in Hunting Grade
30-30 Winchester 170gr in Hunting Grade
223 Remington 55gr in Hunting Grade

Ammunition Page for your favorite calibers listed below…

Decreased ($/Round) (26):
12 Gauge Hunting (#2 Shot) (-0.042)
12 Gauge Hunting (4,6 shot) (-0.083)
20 Gauge Hunting (#6 shot) (-0.028)
20 Gauge Service (#3 buck) (-0.095)
30-06 Springfield Hunting (180gr) (-0.053)
303 British Service (-0.02)
30-30 Service (-0.019)
308 Winchester Hunting (150gr) (-0.111)
308 Winchester Match (168gr) (-0.032)
308 Winchester Match (175gr) (-0.049)
357 Magnum Self Defense (158gr) (-0.033)
357 Magnum Service (-0.013)
45 ACP Self Defense (230gr) (-0.014)
45 ACP Service (-0.004)
45 Long Colt Cowboy (-0.03)
5.56 Nato Service (55gr) (-0.011)
5.56 Nato Service (62gr) (-0.003)
6.5 Grendel Hunting (123gr) (-0.044)
6.5 Grendel Match (123gr)  (-0.045)
7.62 Nato Service (-0.001)
9mm Frangible (-0.024)
9mm Self Defense (124gr) (-0.013)
9mm Self Defense (147gr) (-0.013)
9mm Service (-0.009)
9mm Value (-0.028)

Increased ($/Round) (8):
22 Long Rifle Service (0.007)
300 BLK Service (0.099)
300 BLK Subsonic (0.115)
30-06 Springfield Hunting (150gr) (0.028)
357 SIG Service (0.001)
38 Special Service (0.027)
380 Auto Service (0.005)
7.62×39 Value (0.014)
7.62x54r Service (0.032)

Social Media Winners for November!

Last but not least we want to recognize the folks that are helping us grow the AmmoSquared brand by posting to social media.

Prizes this month include:

1st:   $25 in Ammo
2nd:  $15 in Ammo
3rd:   $5 in Ammo

In December we’ll up our game a little and give away some cool prizes… 🙂

Winners are:
1st: Javier T.
2nd: Couples Who Shoot
3rd: Morgan Rogue

Congrats everyone! – Don’t forget to share and like…

That’s all we have in this month. Don’t forget to check on your subscription by logging into the MyAccount section to make any changes you want!