Sneak Peek: AmmoSquared Gear!

As we’ve been hinting at the past few weeks, we’re going to start offering subscribers the option to add gear to your ammo box. We’ve made some more progress on that front and starting the 1st week of February, we will offer AR15 magazines in a variety of sizes from a few different manufacturers (Magpul, Lancer, and Hexmag to start). We’ll also include a small selection of AR10 and AK47 mags as well. Our pricing will be better than local retail and comparable to online stores (maybe even better – see below).

AmmoSquared specific “twists”…

We don’t want to become just another online retailer so here is how it will work…

  1. Since you already have ammo accumulating, whatever gear you purchase will be simply added to your inventory and included in your next shipment. No need to pay a separate shipping charge.
  2. Any gear purchases will need to be placed by the 15th of the month in order to be included in the following month’s box. (We don’t plan on building out a huge inventory at first so we’ll be ordering gear once a month based on the orders we receive from our customers.)
  3. We’ll offer an option that gives you the ability to subscribe to a separate “Gear Credit” that can be accumulated over time and applied to anything we offer. (For example, you can put away an additional $10 a month and let it accumulate to buy a $60 piece of kit you’ve been eyeing.)
  4. Gear will be available ONLY to ammo subscribers. (Again – we don’t want to be just another e-commerce site). This is a way we can offer gear below MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) to our subscribers. Call it a “subscriber-only” benefit. This gives you even more of a reason to remain (or become) an ammo subscriber to get some great gear at great prices delivered with your regular ammo delivery.

We want to stress that this is a test to see how it goes. We’re not married to any particular approach and welcome feedback from everyone. Of course, we’ll continue to add ammo calibers and evolve our ammo subscription program but we wanted to dip our toes into something new so the many customers who have been looking for gear as well as ammunition, can get it at a reasonable price all delivered in one tidy package.


Magazines?! We don’t need any stinkin…oh wait…

New Calibers and Ammo Grade Options:

As is our custom, just before the next ammo allocation we’re going to highlight a few of our latest offerings. These are new calibers or new ammo grades that folks have been asking about that we have recently added to our subscription service…

327 Federal Magnum Service Grade

Current price is $0.515/rnd. A full box is 50 rounds ($25.75/box)

12 Gauge Slug (Hunting) 2 3/4″ Shell

Current price is $1.177/rnd. A full box is 5 rounds ($5.89/box) 

25 Auto Self Defense Grade

Current price is $0.973/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($19.46/box) 

410 Bore #9 Shot 2 1/2″ Shell

Current price is $0.49/rnd. A full box is 25 rounds ($12.25/box)

44 Special Service Grade

Current price is $0.867/rnd. A full box is 50 rounds ($43.33/box)

44 Special Self Defense Grade 200-240gr

Current price is $1.143/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($22.86/box)

8mm Mauser Match Grade

Current price is $0.932/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($18.64/box)

If you haven’t yet looked at our updated price list. Be sure to check it out: CURRENT INVENTORY / PRICE LIST

While we try to keep our prices as stable as possible, even going so far as to absorb some price increases, we do see a few price increases each month. Sometimes these price increases are the result of us changing brands or getting higher quality brands, other times it is the best price available from our wholesaler at the time.