As you probably know by now, most of our subscriptions charge on the 1st of the month – which is just a few days away. So…

Be sure to check your subscription by logging into MyAccount to make sure it is exactly how you want it. Also, check out our latest Inventory/Price List to know what prices and brands we’re stocking this month.

DID YOU KNOW?: You don’t have to get charged on the 1st of the month. You can change your monthly subscription charge day to any date of the month that works for you. You can even create a bi-monthly or weekly subscription! Contact us to set it up.

If you have questions about how to add calibers or update subscriptions check out our Tutorial Videos Page which includes a new helpful video…

How To Update Subscription Quantities

We show you how to update your subscription quantities (up or down) on calibers you are currently subscribed to.
If you have been on the fence about trying AmmoSquared’s ammunition subscription service, now is a great time to give us a spin. We’re growing quickly and adding new calibers every month. Next month we’ll be adding AR15, AR10, and AK47 magazines followed by other shooting related gear (some below typical retail prices) accessible only by our subscribers.

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We are a small but growing company and place customer service where it should be: #1. We know you can buy ammunition at dozens of places online, but if you have been considering our unique service – you can easily create a small subscription of just a few dollars a month and experience how the Automatic Ammunition process works.

We are starting to add more videos to our YouTube Channel.

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