Okay so is AMMO² a subscription box?

The answer is yes… and no.

In one type of subscription box model, a “Surprise Box”, you sign up for a set amount each month (often at various levels) and receive random items in your box related to a theme (Lootcrate, TacPack). The purpose of this model is a novelty.

In the second type of subscription box, a “Fulfillment Box”, you sign up for regular delivery of a specific product you use often: razors, diapers, or printer ink (Amazon Subscribe and Save, Dollar Shave Club). The purpose of this model is convenience.

Our model is a hybrid: we provide the ability for you to receive a specific caliber and grade of ammunition on a regular basis (“Fulfillment Box”), but you won’t know the exact brands until the box arrives (“Surprise Box”). We primarily provide convenience but include some novelty as well.

Some customers even use our service in a third way, like a precious metal reserve (Bullion Vault, OwnX) but for ammo. You accumulate ammunition (and now magazines) over a longer time period and retrieve them when you want.  This is especially useful for our customers deployed overseas.  With this “ammo reserve” model you can buy a little over time and “dollar cost average” your purchase – capitalizing on the ups and downs of the ammo market. The purpose of this model is to lock in value and future availability.

So how are you going to use AMMO² ?