Well, we finally were able to successfully get in touch with the (runner up) winner of our M&P Shield in 9mm. We did end up doing a second drawing – so the lesson here is that if you enter a contest, make sure to check your email because you just might win!

In case you forgot, here is the original Q1 gun giveaway contest announcement with all the info and rules.

We have selected a winner in the most unbiased way we know how: via a random number generator.  Here are the winner and actual selection process for anyone interested in the video below. We don’t mess around when prizes are involved…

Congratulations Justin Kauer!

Of course, we can only select one winner this time, but for everyone who didn’t win this round, we will be running a second contest during Q2 for a kick-ass shotgun (Danielle’s favorite weapon platform)!  We’re currently building the page but we know for sure that it will be a great giveaway!

We love giving away cool stuff and as you can imagine, we have to admit that giving away guns is really just a thinly veiled excuse for us to use our new FFL and purchase something from our distributors WE would want… you know, to try out the process and all. 😉

As much as we love giving stuff away ourselves, you should know that we are also participating in some other promotions as well. Specifically, we’re part of one big one you should definitely check out if you like ammo. (We’re a little embarrassed because it blows our little gun giveaway out of the water).

Until we have our next gun giveaway up and running check out this one we are providing ammo for…