We are super excited to announce the winner of our Q2 Gun Giveaway! We decided not to film the number generator selection process like we did last time. That was a little like watching paint dry, so you will have to just make do with our super exciting announcement video (Notice the two camera angles? We’re getting faaancy!):

Congratulations Josh Stafford!

Josh is the lucky winner of this FDE (aka “Flat Dark Earth”) Boomstick. Personally, we like it even better than this BOOMSTICK:

Yep… a pump-action will beat that double-barrel any day but then again the double-barrel has some nostalgia attached to it! (Plus Ash knows how to wield it to good effect). We have no doubt that our friend Josh will be wielding his new boomstick to good effect!

Thanks again to everyone who was part of this giveaway and is a customer or supporter of AmmoSquared!

Next quarter we are giving away another cool gun… something that is currently out of stock just about everywhere. Stay tuned!