If you have been with us for any length of time (and many of you have been with us since the beginning) you’ve seen a few different iterations of our brand. Well, it is time for a refresh.

We started out with a pretty basic black, white, yellow, and grey website and yellow spray paint on black boxes (remember those?). Of course, who can forget how we vacuum sealed rounds for anyone with less than a full box? When we started, our logo was as simple as our operation and something I came up with my first sketching it out on a notepad (I still have that sketch around here somewhere…I should look for it and frame it like Southwest did with their “route napkin”…). You can’t put a pencil drawing on your websites, so I created the actual black and yellow artwork in a drawing program… yep it was pretty basic.



By mid-2016, we decided we needed to have custom boxes printed because spray painting every box by hand was getting old! Still sticking with the AMMO² design, we got a slightly cleaner logo created by a professional. Then in 2017, we had a website redesigned with a crisper look and easier interface throughout. That same website, box, and AMMO² have carried us through today…

New Look

While the current box design and logo are just fine, now we feel like it is a great time for a refresh. Today we’ll show off the new logos, in the near future you’ll see an updated box that incorporates the new logos. Finally toward the end of the year, yes this is really happening, we will launch our new mobile friendly website (something that many of you have been asking for oh… the past three years!).

Now that our brand is frequently featured next to the likes of Wilson Combat, Springfield Armory, and Glock, we felt like we needed a more professional brand worthy of hanging with the big dogs:

So what do you think? This is just a sample of the variations and color combinations that we can deploy depending on the circumstances. We stuck with our classic logo but built elements (like a symbol) around it and added a tagline (more on that below).

So why change?

Every company evolves. Good ones continue on through the ages…

Coca-Cola’s value proposition is timeless. You know what you are getting when you open an ice-cold can of delicious Coca-Cola (or any of their other dozen or so beverage brands).

A company’s values, beliefs, and mission are its “North Star” and every successful company has them. Now, so do we! You might have seen our recently updated home page with our beliefs and our mission right there front and center:

Our Core Beliefs:

Everyone has a fundamental right to choose a firearm for self-defense.

Our Mission:

We help gun owners plan for an uncertain future. Through AMMOSQUARED they can secure today what they need tomorrow, even when barriers such as availability, budget, or location limit other options.

We firmly believe in those statements. It did take a little bit of soul searching and wordsmithing to come up with the exact wording that really resonated with us, and hopefully you – our customers. But we think we really nailed it!

The next part of our journey involves how we project these beliefs to the world. This encompasses a lot of areas but starts with our brand. The core of any brand includes the logo. While we’ve been very happy with our AMMO² mark, it is unique and tells people what we’re all about, it didn’t seem to be enough. It has caused some confusion in the past when people search for us on the internet (is it: ammosquared, AMMO², ammo squared or Ammo2?).

So for part of our image update, we wanted to include the entire name: AMMOSQUARED and include a symbol that would one day work as shorthand for our brand.

As a way of illustration, if I put these up here then you probably instantly recognize the company even though no words are included:

Those are of course the symbols for Gemtech, Magpul, Primary Weapons, and Black Rifle Coffee Company, respectively. If you are part of the gun community you probably got all of them without seeing their names.

Soon, you’ll be able to add a new symbol to the list:

It might not mean much now but wait until I explain it…

In our new symbol, you’ll see the outline for the “A” surrounded by a square. We felt this was a good literal translation of our name into a symbolic form: “A” + “Square” or “Ammo” + “Squared”.

But there is more to it than that.

You’ll notice how the A is not filled in – that was intentional because it does double duty as another symbol most of us gun owners know and respect – the Spartan symbol for “lambda” (the upside-down “V”). The lambda has come to be known as shorthand for “Molon Labe” in the firearms community. Which if you don’t know already (tsk, tsk) is Greek for “Come and Take Them”. There is a whole history behind this saying that I won’t go into now. Honestly, every gun owner should be familiar with it, so if this is new to you go read about it now. I’ll wait…

So, in our new logo, we have the lambda which represents gun ownership, or more accurately: a strong belief in the right of the populace to be armed and the willingness to stand up and fight for that right. This symbol is then extended and protected by the box: to us, this represents the security and peace of mind our service provides gun owners as they seek to protect themselves and their loved ones. We help gun owners save for and secure the ammunition they need for practice, sport, hunting, and most important of all: self-defense.

All of that in one little symbol? Pretty cool, eh?

This brings me to our new tagline:


This also speaks volumes in its short 6-word sentence.

This can be read in two ways: On the one hand that we deliver regularly to our customers. Every month like clockwork for some customers, and at other intervals for others. Whatever your ammo accumulation and delivery strategy are, we won’t let you down. If you’ve timed your ammo to be delivered before a big hunting trip or pistol match, then we move heaven and earth to make sure you get your ammo when you need it.

The other aspect of “ammunition there when you need it” has to do with our long term storage: it is our promise to you that when you sign up for AMMOSQUARED and accumulate ammunition over time, we will store your ammo and deliver it when requested – either through our automatic triggers or a manual ammo request. In a nutshell: We keep your ammunition safe until you need it.

No matter how you read it, the combination of our simple and straightforward core beliefs, our mission statement, our tagline, and the symbolism in our new logo, AMMOSQUARED stands for something. Something important. Something good. And something powerful. AMMOSQUARED is changing the way people enjoy their hobby and protect their loved ones. We are excited and proud to offer so key service to America’s gun owners!

(PS: you’ll soon start seeing the new logos turn up as swag in your box! We’re also working with a designer on some killer t-shirt designs! Stay tuned for that. More to come… ).