Have you ever purchased a new handgun and wondered what the most accurate brand of ammo is for it? Or at the very least: what bullet weight your gun prefers?

I have.

To answer those questions, we have embarked on a very ambitious project to test every brand and bullet weight from all of the major ammo brands (and many smaller brands) in the most popular handguns. Didn’t I say Ambitious?

Here’s a short video I just posted on YouTube outlining this crazy project:

To do the tests properly we have purchased a Ransom Rest and so far about 83 different types of 9mm ammo: including both practice and defensive loads. We’ll be measuring the results of 5 shot groups for each brand at both 25 yards and 50 yards and publishing the results to our newsletter subscribers first then on our website.

Obviously, we don’t have unlimited funds. So in our first round of testing, we have selected two versions of the Glock 19 to test: a Gen 3 and a Gen 5.

Why a Glock 19? Well… because everyone seems to have a Glock 19, so it seemed like the natural first choice. (Okay not everyone – I don’t even own one actually, LOL. I’m a Smith and Wesson guy as many of you already know from Instagram. 😉

Okay, why TWO different Glock 19’s? Mostly because of Glock’s claim that the Gen 5 is more accurate than previous models. Since we were testing anyway… 🙂

After we test the Glocks we’ll need to purchase another two pistols to test. We have some thoughts but want to poll people to hear ideas. Basically crowdsourcing the project direction. If you have thoughts on what we should test next (or some random point in the future!) let us know in the comments below….

Once these first set of results are published, we will purchase the next set of pistols for our Round 2 based on everyone’s suggestions. We’ll do this until we have exhausted our budget or the available guns out there! At some point, we’ll switch to other calibers including revolver rounds.