Why We Don't Offer Remanufactured Ammo

Multiple reasons - but one reason is most important.

Why We Don't Offer Remanufactured Ammo

When researching the topic of remanufactured ammunition, you’re likely to get a lot of opposing opinions from shooters. One reason for this is that terms such as “reloaded” or “remanufactured” cover a wide spectrum in the ammo world. Are you talking about quality remanufactured ammo using once fired cases by a reputable company, or are you talking about ammo on par with something you’d get from your Uncle Herbert who reloads on a rickety TV dinner tray while watching reruns of the Price is Right? There is a huge difference.

The fact is, some companies that remanufacture ammunition do so with a modern, streamlined process that closely resembles that of major ammunition manufacturers. While others… leave something to be desired. If you’re wondering why AmmoSquared doesn’t offer remanufactured ammunition, then read on…

There is a lot of inconsistent information out there…

As we alluded to, there are a lot of opinions and stories floating around on the internet regarding the safety, accuracy, and quality of remanufactured ammo. Some of it is accurate, and a lot of it is not. The majority includes vague references to “reloads” and a lack of transparency about the origins of the ammunition. Doing a search online you’ll find guys that say they shot 1” groups at 100 yards with their snub-nosed .38 and some magical remanufactured rounds. You’ll also find stories of squib rounds, double charges, and broken guns as well. This is the internet after all and it’s up to the reader to make sound decisions about the trustworthiness of the source.

As a result of this information variety, remanufactured ammunition doesn’t always have the best reputation - whether that is deserved or not. Does some remanufactured ammunition meet the same safety and manufacturing compliance standards that major ammunition manufacturers are held to? Yep. Are many companies reliable and worth considering? Sure. Does everyone want to shoot reloaded ammo in their firearm? No.

That last one is the crux of the problem for us. Since our customers trust us to curate the best mix of ammunition to suit their needs and purpose, we’ve opted to not include remanufactured ammunition in our offerings to make sure that no matter who the customer is, they are satisfied with our selections.

Will shooting remanufactured ammo void my gun’s warranty?

This is a big one too. The simple answer is, yes. In some cases, shooting non-factory loads will void your gun manufacturer’s warranty. The owner’s manual for several firearms manufacturers such as Sig Sauer, Glock, Mossberg, Rock Island, and Springfield Armory, all specifically call out remanufactured loads as potentially voiding your firearm’s warranty. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons we do not offer remanufactured ammunition.

Is remanufactured ammo safe to shoot?

Ninety-nine out of a hundred times there isn’t going to be a problem, but remanufactured ammo, in general, can also be a mixed bag. It really depends on the company. There are some companies who take the process seriously, and others who don’t. The ones who take it seriously make sure to adhere to the Shooting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute (SAAMI) standards. That’s something that is key. But even still, many, if not most, of the remanufacturing companies out there still lack the level of quality control and safety procedures that are built into the manufacturing systems of major manufacturers.

Additionally, and potentially a bigger issue is that many of the remanufactured ammunition companies out there lack the financial resources of major manufacturers. Why is this important? Beyond things like quality control, remanufactured ammunition companies lack the ability to pay out if one of their rounds causes catastrophic damage to a shooter and his or her property. We’re not fans of frivolous lawsuits, but if something happens that could have been avoided by more stringent quality control, then it wouldn’t be frivolous. This factor is important to take into consideration when deciding whether remanufactured ammunition is a better deal than factory ammo and worth the potential risk.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, while the risks associated with remanufactured ammo can be avoided by going with a strong, reputable company, we’ve decided that offering remanufactured ammunition would not be the best fit for our company. Our customers have entrusted us with the responsibility to hand pick the best ammo options for them. While some remanufactured ammunition is of reputable quality, our goal is to deliver you better than good. Every time you open a package from AmmoSquared, we want you to be excited about the ammo offerings we send. We’re not saying that we are picking up the slack for Santa the 364 days of the year that you’re not opening presents, but when you open your ammo shipment from us, we want to make sure that you have a good mix of ammo that fits your needs, and most importantly that you, as a customer, are pleased with the selection of ammo you receive from us.

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