10mm and 22LR Added

Yeah! We’re working through our backlog of caliber requests and have added 10mm and .22lr

10mm and 22LR Added

Updates and News

10mm and .22LR Added…

Yeah! We’re working through our backlog of caliber requests and have added 10mm and .22lr… You can log in to your account right now and add either…

The Inventory Tab is Working!

That is actually big news! For weeks we were having problems with the way it was calculating your ammunition. Embarrassing, yes, but part of bring a startup – there are always bugs to fix. If you received a “You’ve Got Ammo!” email on the 1st sometime in the past then you have ammo in your inventory and should be able to see it if you log into your MyAccount page and hit the “Current Inventory” tab.

If you’ve become a new customer since April 1st, then don’t worry, you’ll see your inventory when your order gets filled on May 1st.

Bullet Weight Options

We are going to be making some changes to the site to make it easier to request specific bullet weights. Right now it isn’t very easy to implement this, so you’ll see some changes in the way product is displayed. Instead of “Monthly Subscription (Handgun)” you’ll actually see “9mm Subscription” which means we have more fields for additional variables to work with… which trust us, is a good thing.

Shotgun Shells

This product change will also pave the way for us to offer Shotgun Shells! The way our system was set up didn’t make it easy for us to offer things with so many variables (like bullet weight, shot size, shell length, etc.) Once we make these system changes we will be able to add shogun shells to our inventory.  This is good because we have them on order and they should arrive in the next week. Starting with Federal Tactical Buck and Low Recoil Slugs, then some Waterfowl and Upland Birdshot.

Defensive Handgun Ammunition

Also on order is defensive rounds (we decided to prioritize these overhunting rounds for now). So you should see that in the next couple of weeks. Federal HST in 9mm 124gr to start, then we’ll add 45 ACP after we get the nine-milly squared away, followed by 40cal and probably .38 / .357….