Resurrected Calibers

Resurrected Calibers
45/70 Hornady LEVERevolution 325gr FTX

As some of you that have been with us for awhile know, in 2022 we significantly trimmed our caliber catalogue down from over 500 caliber variations to around 60. Since then we've been slowly adding them back.

This month we added back six caliber variations that have been frequently asked for:

5.56 NATO - Green Tip

6.5 Grendel Practice

6.5 Grendel Hunting

6.5 Grendel Match

45/70 Hunting

22LR Match

We're being strategic about what we bring back and add to the product catalogue. Honestly, for each caliber variation we support, we need to stock multiple brands and bullet weights - that adds more logistically complexity. We also need to be reasonably sure we can get it during the next ammo shortage.

It would be easy to have a warehouse full of pallets that are the exact same thing, but that wouldn't provide very much value to the customer. So there is a balance we need to strike.

When we trimmed down our product catalogue we did it for a very good reason - we were unable to get resupplies of many of the odd-ball calibers we had offered. Today, we have over 100% of the ammo that is allocated to our customers for that very reason.

When we have another ammo shortage, our "pending" ammo stage comes more into play. If we don't have ammo in house we don't allocate it. Period. What we found during the shortage was the common calibers were manufactured first so became easier to get resupplied with. If you had one of those hard to find calibers, your ammo would be pending until we could get it - which during the ammo shortage was months and even years in some cases. Not a good situation for us or our customers, so when ammo came back in stock we were determined to pare down our ammo catalogue.

Now that ammo is more plentiful we are cautiously adding back calibers. If there is a major shortage again, some less common calibers might have to go on extended backorder, but that is the nature of our industry. Regardless, if you shoot one of these caliber variations, you can stock up today and store it for that rainy day - there is no telling when the next shortage will hit...

We'll slowly bring back old calibers and add new ones as their popularity dictates. Comment below if there is a particular caliber you want to see us offer (or offer again!).