Crate Fundamentals

While we know it is not a super exciting topic, the crate system at AmmoSquared makes our service infinitely customizable and is only limited by your imagination.

Crate Fundamentals

Just like some of our past blog posts about the inner workings of AmmoSquared (A Primer on AmmoSquared, The Queue is Your Friend) this article is focused on a topic that is unique to our service: Crates.

How Crates Work

Crates are where you manage your ammunition online at AmmoSquared. Think of it as a group of calibers with a shared budget and shipping trigger. You can create as many Crates as you like and even name them different things like “John’s Fun Ammo” or “Future Guns” or “Training Course 2023” - whatever you like.

You can view details for that crate in your crate dashboard like calibers, budget, renewal dates, and see how much ammo is in inventory or in queue. You can also see the current price and your average price paid. You can even buy and sell ammo from your crates.

Additionally, if you’d like to modify your subscription, our crate system makes it easy to do. You can change your budget or adjust how your ammunition gets allocated across your budget by setting different percentages for each caliber.

Crates are a convenient tool for you to organize your ammo. You can think of a crate as a virtual locker for storing your ammo - a place where you can store your ammo and organize it however you’d like. You can build crates for one caliber or more than one. Shipping a crate doesn’t delete it, it is just a container that will fill up again according to how your budget and allocation percentages are set up.

Why You May Want More than One Crate

Our percentage based budget allocation system within each crate is simple and easy to manage. It allows you to add multiple calibers and ammunition types depending on your goals and set a single budget for everything. However, having multiple crates can be a benefit if you need to have multiple budget amounts, renew dates, or shipping triggers.

For instance, if you’d like to build up a supply of 9mm Self-Defense and only need it shipped once a year (a great way to make use of our climate controlled facility) but need your 9mm Practice and Competition rounds shipped every other month so that you have some on hand for your 3 gun matches, having two separate crates would be ideal.

If you have ammo going to different locations, having more than one crate can be a great tool for you. For instance, snowbirds with residences in Arizona and Idaho could organize their crates with one that ships to Arizona in the winter, and one that ships to Idaho in the summer. Or if you want to utilize your account to buy ammo and send it to a family member, you could set up a crate for them with its own calibers, budget, shipping trigger, and shipping address.

Thing You Don’t Need Multiple Crates For

While having more than one crate is certainly an option, there are a few instances where you may think you need another crate, but really don’t.

For instance, once you hit your crate’s shipping trigger, you don’t need to start a new crate! Any ammo not shipped out will remain in your crate and accumulate with new ammo until you hit your shipping trigger again, then it too will ship out and the cycle will repeat.

You also don’t need a new crate if you’d like to allocate budget towards more than one caliber or ammunition purpose. Sometimes we have customers that have created a crate for each caliber and you certainly don’t need to do that! You can add multiple calibers for multiple uses in the same crate. Simply adjust what percentage of your budget you’d like to allocate towards each particular round. You can go back in at any time and change these settings as well.


While we know it is not a super exciting topic, the crate system at AmmoSquared makes our service infinitely customizable and is only limited by your imagination. Next time you log in, take a look at how you are using crates and make sure to optimize things to fit your needs.