How to Incorporate AmmoSquared into Your Disaster Preparedness Planning

Oftentimes, you may feel like the odd man out when you focus on being prepared for survival-type situations.

How to Incorporate AmmoSquared into Your Disaster Preparedness Planning

Oftentimes, you may feel like the odd man out when you focus on being prepared for survival-type situations. Many people write off survival readiness, and have a way of making those who are serious about it, feel “paranoid”. However, it’s important to remember that major organizations like the CDC and Red Cross emphasize disaster preparedness, up to and including “Radiation Emergencies’’. In fact, the government has an entire site dedicated to planning for disasters:

If our government, who can barely handle processing your tax return, thinks it’s important for us to be prepared for emergencies then it seems like the odds of having to deal with one are higher than many in the “mainstream” would have you believe. In fact, declared September “National Preparedness Month”.

How to Prepare for Disasters

When embarking on your disaster preparedness journey, it’s best to start with a generic plan and kit. Start by making sure you have the basics covered, like a few days worth of non-perishable food options. Talk with your family about specific emergencies that are likely to occur in your area and come up with a plan on how to respond if a disaster strikes while they are away at work or school.

Then, get more granular by considering the members in your household and any special considerations they may have. Does anyone in your family require medical prescriptions? If so, do you have an emergency buffer when filling them, or do you wait until they run out to get prescriptions filled? How would you get this medicine if the roads were closed or the power was out?

If you’ve got your food, water, and medicine covered, as well as a plan for the most likely disasters you might face, then it’s time to consider the other essentials. Guns and ammo. If you’re already an AmmoSquared customer, you clearly understand the importance of having guns and ammo.

History, and even recent events, have shown that being prepared to survive in times of lawlessness is of the utmost importance. Rule of law breaks down quickly, even in situations that aren’t extraordinarily bad due to natural disasters or political unrest. Add a flood, war, or outbreak into the mix, and you may find yourself in a situation where it is necessary to defend yourself, your family, and your home.

How AmmoSquared Lends Itself to a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Once you accept that you need to include guns and ammo into your preparedness planning, the next step is to determine how you can do that intelligently. Not everyone has disposable cash to throw at huge mountains of ammunition. That’s one of the key areas where AmmoSquared really shines. With AmmoSquared, you can sock away a few dollars in ammunition every week, two weeks (we personally love having a few dollars go to ammo every paycheck), month, or quarterly. For as much as a Big Mac and fries each week, or your Venti Mocha, you can be building a store of ammunition on autopilot.

Additionally, AmmoSquared will store your accumulated ammo for you, at no additional cost until you’re ready to request it. While you definitely want to have physical ammunition on hand, if you live in an area prone to tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, or wildfires, it’s a good idea to have ammunition stored off-site. At AmmoSquared, we store your ammo in a secure, climate controlled, facility, and even rotate your ammo out for fresh ammo every three months or so, on average. You can request your stored ammo from us any time, and orders over $250 even ship free.

In Conclusion

Every family should have a readiness plan in place for the disasters that are most likely to affect them, and that plan should always include the guns and ammo you might need to defend yourself. AmmoSquared makes it affordable and convenient to build your ammo supply, and is an effective solution for off-site storage.

In addition to helping you prepare for an emergency or disaster, we also offer great features like the ability to send ammo to friends and family, trigger buy and sell orders when market prices reach the prices you determine, and more!