Introducing: Ammo² Gear!

It is now the first week of February and we’re finally ready to announce our new offering: Gear! (well…magazines to be more precise).

Introducing: Ammo² Gear!

It is now the first week of February and we’re finally ready to announce our new offering: Gear! (well…magazines to be more precise).

If you visit the website you’ll see a new header for Gear:

Admittedly, there isn’t much on this page yet but we will fill it up with all kinds of goodies you can add to your ammo subscription box.

As of today, we are offering AR15 Magazines from 5 different Manufacturers: (Magpul, Daniel Defense, Hexmag, Lancer, and Troy) in multiple capacities (10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 60).

We’ll also be adding AR10 and AK47 mags later this week, with other platforms following soon.

The Details:

Gear is only available to current subscribers. We wrote an FAQ on why this is. (In fact, you won’t even be able to get to the product pages unless you have the password which is available in the Announcement Section under MyAccount ).

Any gear (magazines, gun parts, accessories, etc) that you purchase now or in the future, will simply be added to your inventory and ship out during your next scheduled ammo delivery (orders for gear that go in after the 21st won’t make it into the following month’s deliveries – so get your gear orders in as early as you can!)

The benefit here of course is that you only have a single shipping fee. You can just tack the mags, gun parts, cleaning kits, and other stuff you need to buy anyway onto your regular ammo subscription.

“Ammo, Mags, Gun Stuff in one box with Regular Automatic Delivery? Pretty sweet!”

How To Add Gear:


The easiest way is to click on what you want, add it to your cart, and check out like a normal store. This is a direct purchase and whatever you buy will show up in your inventory within a day or so… it will not be shipped immediately, but instead will go into your inventory for your next scheduled ammo shipment.


These can be accumulated for any gear items now or in the future. These are available both as a single purchase and a subscription.

And don’t worry – Gear Credits are 100% refundable, so if you change your mind or find something else you like locally, just let us know and we will cash in your accumulated credits. No harm, no foul.

Why do this?

It gets back to our whole unique business model – instead of searching around buying stuff from multiple places online and paying multiple shipping fees, or trying to get the best deal by purchasing in large lots and putting it on your credit card at 16-24% interest, we provide a way for you to build up your supplies over time – a little each month.

You already do this with ammunition, now you can accumulate magazines and other gun accessories over time and get it all delivered in a single shipment – automatically!

Oh and just for trying us out we’re giving everyone a 10% Coupon on your first magazine order:


(And of course, we’re always looking for feedback. So if you have ideas or suggestions just hit reply to shoot us an email…)