New Prices and Fractional Rounds Posted

We finally got our new prices listed with “fractional rounds”. All that means is that we are able to price more accurately because

New Prices and Fractional Rounds Posted

EDITOR’S NOTE: These prices are circa August 2016. For current prices simply navigate to the caliber you are interested in and check out the current price listed there.

We finally got our new prices listed with “fractional rounds”. All that means is that we are able to price more accurately because we aren’t trying to stay with whole round increments for inventory purposes. When we ran the totals on all of our offerings we saw the average drop was around 2 cents per round. Some prices did go up but most of them dropped. This confirmed our hunch that this change is actually better for our customers. The reason is simple: We had to price at the nearest whole round without losing money. So for example, if the market price for a round, let’s say a hunting rifle round, is $1.13 then we had to price it at $1.25 (4 rounds per $5) vs. $1.00 (5 rounds per $5). Now we will just price that round at $1.13 and you’ll get 4.42 rounds per $5. Simple.

This will help when we move to $1 increments for our subscriptions too because you won’t need to stick with increments of $5 for your subscriptions – you can better tune your subscriptions to exactly what you want. Since we are now only shipping full boxes of ammo (no more vacuum sealing), let’s use that example above and say you want a full box of that rifle round at $1.13 a round. (We recently listed box prices on our website for each subscription as well as the current inventory spreadsheet, so you can compare to local and online sources without busting out a calculator.) In this example, that rifle ammo at $1.13 a round would be approximately $22.60 per box. With $5 increments you would need to add $25 and have the remaining 2.1 rounds roll to a future shipment (not a terrible thing). With $1 increments you can set it up for a $23 subscription and have .452 rounds roll (about 1/2 a round).  Which is a lot more efficient. (You may be asking.. okay but what about that extra .452 round… don’t worry we have options for you: you can cash it out or trade it for another caliber or just let it accumulate.)

Here is a chart of the pricing updates if you are interested (though this is probably more info than most people want!):

SKUCaliberGradeOldNewOld Price / RoundNew Price / RoundDiff
10MM-SLFD-180-010mmSelf Defense6 rounds5.7 rounds$0.834$0.885$0.051
10MM-SRVC-BP-010mmService13 rounds13.3 rounds$0.385$0.378($0.007)
12GA-HNT-2-30012 GaugeHunting5 rounds5.2 rounds$1.000$0.969($0.031)
12GA-HNT-4-30012 GaugeHunting2 rounds2.6 rounds$2.500$1.939($0.561)
12GA-HNT-6-27512 GaugeHunting17 rounds18.8 rounds$0.295$0.267($0.028)
12GA-SRVC-00B-27512 GaugeService6 rounds6 rounds$0.834$0.834$0.000
12GA-SRVC-8-27512 GaugeService15 rounds15.3 rounds$0.334$0.328($0.006)
12GA-SRVC-SLUG-27512 GaugeService6 rounds6.7 rounds$0.834$0.754($0.080)
17WSM-HNT-BP-017 WSMHunting16 rounds16 rounds$0.313$0.313$0.000
20GA-HNT-6-27520 GaugeHunting17 rounds18.2 rounds$0.295$0.276($0.019)
20GA-SRVC-3B-27520 GaugeService5 rounds5.5 rounds$1.000$0.910($0.090)
20GA-SRVC-9-27520 gaugeService20 rounds19.7 rounds$0.250$0.255$0.005
223-FRG-BP-0223 RemingtonFrangible9 rounds8.1 rounds$0.556$0.620$0.064
223-SRVC-55-0223 RemingtonService14 rounds13.3 rounds$0.358$0.377$0.019
223-VLU-BP-0223 RemingtonValue20 rounds20 rounds$0.250$0.251$0.001
22LR-SRVC-BP-022 Long RifleService55 rounds54.9 rounds$0.091$0.092$0.001
243-HNT-100-0243 WinHunting5 rounds5.6 rounds$1.000$0.908($0.092)
243-HNT-80-0243 WinHunting5 rounds5.1 rounds$1.000$0.998($0.002)
25A-SRVC-BP-025 ACPService18 rounds18.7 rounds$0.278$0.268($0.010)
270-HNT-150-0270 WinchesterHunting5 rounds5 rounds$1.000$1.004$0.004
3006-HNT-150-030-06 SpringfieldHunting5 rounds5.6 rounds$1.000$0.908($0.092)
3006-HNT-180-030-06 SpringfieldHunting5 rounds5.1 rounds$1.000$0.986($0.014)
300BLK-MTCH-110-125300 BLKMatch6 rounds5.9 rounds$0.834$0.862$0.028
300BLK-SRVC-BP-0300 BLKService8 rounds8.1 rounds$0.625$0.624($0.001)
300BLK-SUB-200-220300 BLKSubsonic6 rounds6.6 rounds$0.834$0.765($0.069)
3030-HNT-150-030-30Hunting5 rounds6.6 rounds$1.000$0.765($0.235)
3030-SRVC-BP-030-30Service7 rounds7.6 rounds$0.715$0.663($0.052)
303B-SRVC-BP-0303 BritishService7 rounds6.5 rounds$0.715$0.773$0.058
308-HNT-150-0308 WinchesterHunting5 rounds5.6 rounds$1.000$0.908($0.092)
308-MTCH-168-0308 WinchesterMatch4 rounds4 rounds$1.250$1.281$0.031
30CAR-SRVC-110-030 CarbineService9 rounds9.1 rounds$0.556$0.552($0.004)
30CAR-VLU-110-030 CarbineValue17 rounds16.8 rounds$0.295$0.299$0.004
32A-SRVC-BP-032 ACPService18 rounds18.7 rounds$0.278$0.268($0.010)
32HR-SRVC-BP-032 H&RService6 rounds6.1 rounds$0.834$0.826($0.008)
357MAG-HNT-BP-0357 MagnumHunting6 rounds5.8 rounds$0.834$0.876$0.042
357MAG-SLFD-125-140357 MagnumSelf Defense5 rounds6.4 rounds$1.000$0.788($0.212)
357MAG-SLFD-158-0357 MagnumSelf Defense6 rounds5.9 rounds$0.834$0.859$0.025
357MAG-SRVC-BP-0357 MagnumService12 rounds11.7 rounds$0.417$0.429$0.012
357SIG-SLFD-BP-0357 SIGSelf Defense5 rounds5.8 rounds$1.000$0.870($0.130)
357SIG-SRVC-BP-0357 SIGService12 rounds12.8 rounds$0.417$0.391($0.026)
380A-SLFD-BP-0380 AutoSelf Defense6 rounds5.9 rounds$0.834$0.855$0.021
380A-SRVC-BP-0380 AutoService17 rounds18.1 rounds$0.295$0.278($0.017)
38SPL-SLFD-110-038 SpecialSelf Defense6 rounds6.1 rounds$0.834$0.834$0.000
38SPL-SLFD-125-13538 SpecialSelf Defense4 rounds4.4 rounds$1.250$1.140($0.110)
38SPL-SRVC-BP-038 SpecialService15 rounds15.5 rounds$0.334$0.324($0.010)
40SW-SLFD-180-040 S&WSelf Defense7 rounds6.4 rounds$0.715$0.785$0.070
40SW-SRVC-BP-040 S&WService16 rounds17.1 rounds$0.313$0.294($0.019)
410-SRVC-000B-250410 BoreService5 rounds4.6 rounds$1.000$1.099$0.099
410-SRVC-SLUG-250410 BoreService5 rounds5.6 rounds$1.000$0.905($0.095)
44MAG-SLFD-240-044 MagnumSelf Defense5 rounds5.2 rounds$1.000$0.976($0.024)
45ACP-FRG-BP-045 ACPFrangible7 rounds7.4 rounds$0.715$0.678($0.037)
45ACP-SLFD-185-045 ACPSelf Defense4 rounds4.3 rounds$1.250$1.165($0.085)
45ACP-SLFD-230-045 ACPSelf Defense7 rounds8 rounds$0.715$0.632($0.083)
45ACP-SRVC-BP-045 ACPService14 rounds14.5 rounds$0.358$0.345($0.013)
45LC-CWBY-BP-045 Long ColtCowboy8 rounds7.9 rounds$0.625$0.640$0.015
45LC-SLFD-BP-045 Long ColtSelf Defense5 rounds5.1 rounds$1.000$0.993($0.007)
556-SRVC-55-05.56 NatoService13 rounds12.8 rounds$0.385$0.391$0.006
556-SRVC-62-05.56 NatoService12 rounds12.1 rounds$0.417$0.414($0.003)
57X28-SRVC-BP-05.7x28mmService10 rounds9.8 rounds$0.500$0.515$0.015
65CRED-HNT-120-1296.5 CreedmoorHunting5 rounds5 rounds$1.000$1.018$0.018
65CRED-MTCH-120-1296.5 CreedmoorMatch4 rounds4 rounds$1.250$1.279$0.029
68SPC-SRVC-BP-06.8mm SPCService6 rounds5.5 rounds$0.834$0.912$0.078
76239-VLU-BP-07.62×39Value20 rounds18.4 rounds$0.250$0.273$0.023
762N-SRVC-BP-07.62 NatoService8 rounds8.1 rounds$0.625$0.621($0.004)
762R-SRVC-BP-07.62×54Service7 rounds6.8 rounds$0.715$0.739$0.024
762R-VLU-BP-07.62×54Value9 rounds10 rounds$0.556$0.504($0.052)
9MM-FRG-BP-09mmFrangible8 rounds9.1 rounds$0.625$0.553($0.072)
9MM-SLFD-124-09mmSelf Defense10 rounds9.4 rounds$0.500$0.537$0.037
9MM-SLFD-147-09mmSelf Defense10 rounds9.4 rounds$0.500$0.537$0.037
9MM-SRVC-BP-09mmService22 rounds21.8 rounds$0.228$0.230$0.002
9MM-SUB-BP-09mmSubsonic15 rounds15.1 rounds$0.334$0.332($0.002)
9MM-VLU-BP-09mmValue24 rounds23.7 rounds$0.209$0.212$0.003

This chart also includes our monthly ammunition purchasing so there are some changes that are more related to the ammunition we got ahold of this month and not so much the change to fractional rounds.

Oh another note: we’ll be getting our new calibers up on the website shortly. This month we are adding 26 new calibers or variations of existing calibers! Yeah!