SKU Changes for Better Ammo Discovery

SKU Changes for Better Ammo Discovery

If you have been a subscriber for a while, you might have noticed a little change in your recent subscription confirmation or the packing slip on your most recent delivery… We have quietly been adjusting our SKUs and naming conventions to give customers’ a wider variety of ammunition. First I’ll give you Reader’s Digest Version then I’ll go into more detail.

The quick version is that we have been removing some of the bullet weight restrictions on SOME categories to give customers more variety and to give us more latitude in our purchasing. What that means is that when you signed up you may have signed up for a specific bullet grain weight or bullet weight range and now your subscription is showing the caliber and “BP” what we call “Best Price”.

Here is an example: When we started, we had one bullet weight for Service Grade 223 Remington. The SKU was: 223-SRVC-55-0 in our system. What that means is basically 223 Remington Service Grade 55 Grain. Now that same SKU will look like this: 223-SRVC-BP-0  that means the same thing but instead of limiting our Service Grade 223 to 55gr bullets, we are able to give you 62gr bullets or other grains if we find a good deal on something unique. Which recently we did – we included a bunch of 62gr rounds in outgoing boxes.

This won’t change the purpose of the round you signed up for. For example, we would never give you regular ‘ol FMJ if you signed up for a Self Defense round. Also for some SKUs, it still makes sense to keep the bullet weight range. Match Grade and Hunting Grade are two examples. The categories you’ll see this the most will be on Service Grade and Self Defense Grade.

Why Self Defense Grade? Isn’t it just technically the same as Hunting Grade?

It is in some aspects because some people prefer a specific bullet weight range for self-defense rounds but when you are hunting, the type of game you are hunting determines the bullet weight. For example, if you are signed up for 308 Win in a 180gr bullet that means you are probably hunting something larger – like Elk. Someone that is signed up for a lighter weight bullet is probably hunting a thin-skinned animal-like whitetail deer. We have no way of knowing what you are hunting or why you choose the bullet weight range you chose. Even with hunting grade bullets, we dance around the chosen bullet weight if we find something good and provide similar bullets based on the bullet weight. If it is 3-5 grains different it won’t be a big deal to a hunter.

For defense rounds, it is really a matter a personal preference and not so much dependent on what you plan to use it for like Match and Hunting Grades. By removing the SKUs for specific grain weights we are able to tap into a larger variety of defense rounds that fall outside of our normal weight ranges. For example, there are some very popular self-defense rounds that are not exactly 124gr or 147gr for 9mm. You can find effective 115, 127, 135 or 150-grain rounds. Plus there is a whole host of light for caliber rounds like Liberty Ammo 50gr Civil Defense or Underwood’s 65 or 90-grain rounds using a Lehigh Xtreme Penetrator bullet.

The main point here is that we want to open up the SKUs to give you more variety and give us more opportunity to give you some really cool stuff. What we like to call “Ammo Discovery”.

Okay, but what if you don’t want anything different and you know what works for you and your gun and you want to stick with it?

Well, we have an option for that – Ammo Preferences! You are free to add whatever you want under your ammo preferences form on your Account Dashboard from bullet weight to brand to “do not send” lists. We read them all and adjust outgoing boxes as best we can to accommodate.

That said, I want to urge you to be open-minded because the more restrictions you add the closer you are getting to just ordering a box off of MidwayUSA or some other online retailer. When you list out strict ammo preferences you don’t get to take advantage of our unique program for “Ammo Discovery” which is when we find something cool and include it in your box – it may be a brand you have never heard of before or something that has a non-typical bullet weight. Either way, we try to surprise customers every month with new finds and this change to SKUs will allow more ammo discovery and some more shooting variety on your part.

As always, if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns about this update please let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email.