What is Public Square?

What is Public Square?

I think we're similar, you and me. Here's what I mean: I support businesses local to me, my state, and my country, in that order, as much as I can. Plus, nine times out of ten, I will support a small business before a larger one, even if it means I pay a little more. I'll bet you do too.

I do this proudly. I'll bet you do too.

Why do we do this?

For a variety of reasons, I'm sure. Here are mine:

  1. I want to prioritize small business and products made at home because I know behind each of those products is a company with employees who depend on folks like us choosing them over a competing foreign product. I’m willing to pay a little more to support US based jobs and NOT send that money overseas.
  2. Our wallets are powerful - as we’ve seen with recent boycotts. We can vote with our dollars and support businesses that align with our values. It works! The result is that they’ll grow and flourish while those that go against our values will either change or go out of business.
  3. It makes me feel good. Pure and simple. Buying from a small company, especially a “mom and pop” vs a huge corporation just makes me feel like my money is actually making a difference in someone’s life... because it is, as a business owner, I can attest to that first hand.

Apparently we're not alone. We can now plainly see the effects of millions of people voting with their dollars. Woke companies are losing ground while companies with pro-American, pro-Freedom, and pro-Traditional Values are gaining ground.

Here are just a few quick headlines as proof:

Anheuser-Busch to Sell Off Eight Beer, Beverage Brands amid Falling Bud Light Sales

Disney could soon sell its TV assets as Iger says business ‘may not be core’ to the company

Target sued by investor over backlash to LGBTQ merchandise

These are just the big newsworthy stories. There are thousands, if not millions, of smaller battles being waged every day. We’re in the middle of an ideological war in all areas of life, but the score is especially apparent in the consumer spending category… and our side is winning.

Have you heard about Public Square?

I was introduced to Public Square by a customer who thought we should have a business listing on there. We researched them and found that they share our values, so we signed up.

It was a good suggestion because "like attracts like", and we have seen a tremendous increase in traffic from people finding us through Public Square.

I think it was Kristy, our Customer Success Manager, that asked me the other day, “What is Public Square? We’re getting a lot of people coming to us from there.” So I showed her the business directory and all of the pro-American companies on there like ours. She hadn't heard about it before, like I'm guessing many of you haven't. (In fact while writing this blog post, we got our daily UPS pickup and I asked the driver, our regular guy, if he had heard about Public Square - he hadn't either.)

Just like many good businesses, you'll often hear about them from word of mouth first.

Here, I took a screenshot of their values page so you can get a sense of what I’m talking about:

Just as way of illustration, here is another good screenshot that says a lot:

Public Square is just one of many tools in the Parallel Economy that is helping people with similar pro-American values find each other. The talking heads from the mainstream media mock mention of a parallel economy, and business directories like Public Square, because they don't understand them and would never use them.

People like us, those that stopped shopping at Target, drinking Bud Light, and going to see Disney movies understand the power of our spending habits. We can make or break companies.

Right now Public Square is at the center of a revolution in how people spend their money. If you haven't heard about them yet, I'd be willing to bet you will soon start to hear about them from like minded, pro-American friends, family and neighbors. Watch. Good things travel via word of mouth.

Just like AmmoSquared... We're part of this revolution too. We've been cancelled by financial companies, social media companies, and everything in between - simply because we sell a product that some people don't like. Who cares what they think? Unlike "gender-affirming" surgeries or "reproductive rights", ammunition (aka "arms"), is specifically protected by our Constitution and is an integral part of our American history and heritage.

That is a hill we're willing to die on.

I hope you share our values and continue to support pro-American companies like ours. If you haven't already, check out Public Square so it is even easier for you to support small businesses and ditch the woke corporations!

Look ma! We're famous... number 1!