Dating Advice... from an Ammunition Company?

Dating Advice... from an Ammunition Company?

You know that saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”? Well as corny as it sounds, it’s true. You tend to like the people that like what you like (say that three times fast!). This saying could even be your secret to love…

If you ever read any books on professional networking (or dating for that matter), they say you should always start with small talk. You open with topics that are relatable to both of you: the weather, the event you’re at, the speaker you just heard, where you’re from, how many kids you have (very important when dating!), etc. You do this to find common ground - shared interests. You don’t jump into obscure or polarizing topics right off the bat - at least not in polite society - what you do after a few drinks is your business.

So it goes without saying that when you’re around people that share a common interest you always have something to talk about, even if you don’t know anyone at first. For example, imagine that you are at a pie baking convention and you don’t bake pies, or for that matter know your pie from a tart. In other words, you’re royally out of your element.

Do you think you’ll find very many people to talk to? Any shared interests? Probably not unless you see a grandma wearing an Heckler and Koch cardigan…

Now for some imagineering… instead of pies, you are at an convention and really love . You know all there is to know about and the people around you love to talk about .

NOW do you think you’ll find some new friends (and maybe even a new love interest)? Heck yeah! Those conventions are a real blast!

For most of us, myself included, guns are an integral part of our lives. It is common that if you are a “gun guy” (or gal) that you have friends that are also interested in guns (maybe even a spouse or significant other if you are lucky). You share interests, you talk about the latest gun releases, make fun of whatever Hi Point is putting out next, you know, the usual stuff.

As a gun person, you probably smile every time you see a SIG, S&W, or Glock sticker on the car in front of you. Regardless of how you feel about putting gun stickers on your car, that guy doesn’t care and is certainly a gun person. (Personally, I went back and forth on this topic for years and finally just threw a big ‘ol AK47 sticker on the back window of my truck. Of course I have an AMMO² sticker too.) The point is that you know that guy is like you because they like guns.

So now back to AmmoSquared and the platform…

We have this feature we’re developing right now just called “Social Profiles”. In typical AmmoSquared fashion we’ll get around to a better name in the future. Anyway, you’ve seen me post mine on this blog a few times, here it is again for anyone that is curious (plus I just updated my bio):

Now since we’re talking about friends, this post wouldn’t be complete without putting Chris Corriveau’s bio on here too. He is AmmoSquared’s CTO and, as you can tell in the picture, he’s a serious kind of guy… he also has about a zillion chickens.

So now just from reading those two bios you know a little bit more about me (I’m in Idaho. I like motorcycles, beer, and flying - but not mixed together). You also now know that Chris has a farm in Texas, competes in Run and Guns, and is a serious kind of dude.


Okay so full disclosure, we have no intentions of creating a true social media site for firearms enthusiasts - there is probably something like that out there already. The goal of this feature is to make it easy for our community to connect, share profiles and send ammo back and forth.

You’ll notice something new on these profiles too - now you can get credit for **referring friends **with them!

If someone visits your profile and clicks the “Join today” link, you’ll each get $10. We used to do this way back in the day: Give $10 / Get $10. It was the main vehicle for our growth in the early days.

So now, if there is anyone in your friend circle you think might A) owe you ammo, and/or B) want to join AmmoSquared, then just shoot over a link to your profile and you might find yourself with more ammo… or money for ammo! Win - Win.

In keeping with the community aspect, we’ll soon add more functionality around connecting with others in these profiles.

Like I mentioned at the start of this blog, people like those who like what they like. This definitely applies to other AmmoSquared members. One simple thing we can do is allow people (if they want) to list the city and state they are in so they can connect with others near them. Have a beer together, go shooting, compare notes on what they got in their last shipment from AmmoSquared… etc.

After that we’ll see what suggestions everyone has and what makes sense. We want to start building out a community without going full blown “You-Insta-Twit-Face” because we all know there are already enough of those in this world! (Who knows, we might develop a dating app for people that like pew-pews… it would be a great way to connect with someone that shares your interests! We’ll have to ponder that one… )

Anyway, if you don’t have a bio or picture or heck even a profile at AmmoSquared yet, go add one so you can share with friends, trade ammo, and everyone can start to see our amazing A2 community!