Digital Ammunition Part 1

Digital Ammunition Part 1

Digital Ammunition.

To most people, those words don’t fit together: digital ammunition… What does that even mean? Everyone knows you can’t have something physical like ammunition combined with something… well, uh digital. Right?

Let’s just say that used to be the case. But the world is changing.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller (1986)

So what could you miss? Everything (if you are a gun owner)

First, let’s back up. Let’s take it back about 3 decades to the mid-’80s when Ferris Bueller was skipping class, a gallon of gas was $0.89, the Challenger exploded, most people had music tapes because compact discs were just gaining in popularity, and oh yeah, Apple’s iTunes is still 15 years away

What do you think people thought when they heard the term “Digital Music” for the first time? Today, digital music is so commonplace it is almost like the air we breathe… just floating around us. But if you are like me then you remember when music was found only on tapes and vinyl records. If you wanted a song and didn’t have the cash for a whole album, you had to hold a tape recorder up to the radio and wait for hours to catch it being played. Now you download it for free or buy it for 99 cents. Back then, not many people would have thought you could make music digital – until they did.

Today everything has changed and music isn’t the only area of life that is going digital (or partially digital): music, movies, money, printing, doctor checkups, even believe it or not… foreign travel! On the site, Google Sightseeing you can “travel” the world using Google Streetview and Google Earth. Their tagline is: “Why bother seeing the world for real?”

While I believe there is no substitute for the real thing, you can still probably come up with a half dozen other areas in life that are being drastically changed by the application of a digital side…

Even ammunition.

Let me share a vision of the future as I see it.

Some day, every gun owner in America will have two forms of ammunition: physical that they store in their house and take to the range, and digital which is accumulating in the background, easily exchangeable, and deliverable on demand.

I know it sounds a little far fetched today, but as the saying goes: the best way to predict the future is to create it… and at AmmoSquared we’re creating the future every day.

Of course, there is a reason so much of our world is going digital: it makes life easier.

Were you that movie buff that had a whole shelf of DVDs or VHS tapes? Now, what do you have? An internet-connected TV and video-on-demand. You don’t have to mess with piles of movies anymore – they are all at your fingertips 24/7. Talk about convenience!<

When I talk to gun owners about my vision for “digital ammunition” and all the benefits it entails you can see they have a “lightbulb” moment sometimes. It is amazing to see.

Let me share a hypothetical example followed by a real-life version:

Exchanging Calibers.

Let’s say you have 4 cases of some caliber like I dunno, 40 S&W, and decide you would rather switch everything over to 9mm… a plausible scenario. (Heck the FBI did it.) Now, what are you going to do with those unneeded cases of 40 cal you’ve been stockpiling in your garage? Sure, you can sell them on Gunbroker or at your local swap meet, but what a pain in the butt.

If they could just be replaced with 9mm without the effort, that would be nearly magical, wouldn’t it?

They can. IF you took a physical/digital approach to your ammo storage needs…

Change the scenario where you kept just one case at home and three cases online in a digital format, you could make a few clicks and “voila!, your 40 S&W is exchanged into 9mm… simple. Like magic. Now you’d still have to figure out what to with the one case you had on hand, but your digital supply could be swapped out easily.

[Now for the real-life example: I literally just did this for a customer today: he had 300 BLK in his inventory and wanted to exchange it for 50 AE…(hey I don’t ask questions alright, I’m here to serve) so with a simple email, in this case, I was able to change it out for him. (In the future that will be all automated. Baby steps.)]

That is just a single scenario. I have many others but I’ll save them for another day.

The point of all this isn’t to sell you anything but instead to hopefully open your mind to a new concept and to get you thinking about the coming digital revolution in the one industry tech giants have ignored: the firearms industry.

If you are ready for more… head on over to Part 2.