Fails Orders Nearly Cleared Up

Fails Orders Nearly Cleared Up

Hey Everyone,

We just wanted to post a quick update. Normally, by this point in the month, we would have already allocated everyone’s inventory to their respective accounts – and we’ve already had a few emails about this. Unfortunately, we are still clearing up our failed payment situation that occurred on the 1st because we switched payment processors. This has been a big SNAFU for the AMMO² crew….

The good news is that we nearly done!

Once we have the failed orders moved over to “processing” we can then pull a list of everyone’s orders so we can allocate inventory. If we do this before we have the fail orders cleared it just makes a big mess and takes twice as long to get everything allocated and out the door.

Thank you for bearing with us this month… next month will go much smoother!

(unless something new pops up out of the blue and throws us off track – which could happen. Just wanted to put that disclaimer out there… 🙂