We're now on Gab!

We're now on Gab!

That’s right. We’re back on social media! Of course it ISN’T a mainstream platform - certainly not one of the “Big 4” that we decided to leave back in May. We’re on Gab.

Why now? Why Gab?

Well it isn’t because we need to: for a business, social media takes up a lot of time and effort for, frankly, a dubious return on investment. That is still the case and probably even more so with a smaller social media platform like Gab.

So why then?

It is because we wanted to support a platform that is dedicated to truly protecting free speech and individual liberty. One that will let us post gun and ammo related content without the fear that it might suddenly be removed for vague “Terms of Service” violations.

If you are unfamiliar with Gab, in their own words: “Gab is a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.”

(Of course that isn’t what Wikipedia says about Gab, but if you are paying attention you’ll realize that most “fact checkers” and supposedly “unbiased” online information sources like Snopes or Wikipedia are incredibly biased and working hard to manipulate public opinions.)

So we decided to start a profile on Gab and invest time and energy into the site because they share our views. Not an alt-right view, as Wikipedia would have you believe, but a pro-freedom, anti-totalitarian view.

Forget about “right” and “left” those terms have no meaning today - they have been spun and manipulated every which way. The real question is where are you (or us, in the case of our business) on the Freedom - Totalitarian scale. That is the true metric everyone should be concerned with.

Gab’s stance of not censoring posts unless it is something obviously illegal, puts them very far on the “Freedom” side of the scale. Contrast that with Facebook or Twitter that censor posts and removes people when they just don’t like what those people have to say. That is pretty totalitarian and we don’t want anything to do with companies like that. Instead we look for companies that share our pro-freedom, pro-individual liberty, pro-America, pro-personal responsibility viewpoint to support. Gab is one of those companies. Check out our new Gab profile page!